360 Degree Collaboration in Microsoft Teams

This is part 1 of a 3-part article series about building a “360 degree view” mashup for Microsoft Teams using the SharePoint Framework and React. The articles are:

  1. Part 1: 360 Degree Collaboration in Microsoft Teams (This article)
    This article introduces the 360 Degree pattern for collaborative applications, and explains a the workings of a sample solution based on SharePoint Framework and React
  2. Part 2: Working with Teams Content from an SPFx Tab
    This article explains how to access Team and channel content, such as the shared calendar and conversation, from a SharePoint Framework tab in Teams
  3. Part 3: Deep linking to a SharePoint Framework tab
    This article explains how to create a deep link that opens a Team, Channel, and tab, and passes information to your SharePoint Framework tab so you can display specific information

The series is based on a sample Teams tab written in SharePoint Framework which displays a mashup of information about customer visits. The Teams tab allows users to see one another’s schedules, and then brings together all the information needed for each visit. The same approach could be used for any kind of mash-up. Users can see at a glance what customer visits are approaching for each team member; when a visit is selected, the solution displays:

  • customer information (from the Northwind database OData service)
  • documents (from SharePoint)
  • recent transactions (mock)
  • a map (Bing maps)
  • current weather (Open Weather Map)
  • photos (from SharePoint)
  • a text box for sending messages to the Teams channel with deep links back to the selected visit

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