Office Developer Bootcamp Sponsors on Board

Some readers may already know that Scot Hillier and I are presenting an Office Developer Bootcamp focused on the SharePoint Framework on Friday, October 27, 2017 at the Microsoft office in Burlington MA. This is a great opportunity to learn SharePoint Framework development, including related technologies, Typescript, WebPack, and React. There are still openings, and it’s free!Ā Please register here to join us!

I’m pleased to announce that we have some great sponsors for this event. Not only will they ensure that attendees are well fed, they were hand-picked as they bring key technologies that every SharePoint developer should know about!

BA Insight offers a suite of products and services to extend and enhance the SharePoint Search experience, including connectors for many business applications, an auto-classifier product, and intelligent search and platform analytics.

provides advanced forms, workflow and full-on business orchestration through their suite of products. K2’s new low-code cloud platform makes it easy to build advanced solutions for SharePoint as well as popular cloud services such as SalesForce.

MicrosoftLogoMicrosoft is our primary sponsor, and also the originator of the Global Office Developer Bootcamp program. In addition to providing food and swag, they are hosting the event at their Burlington, MA location.

Powell365LogoPowell 365 provides an accelerated “Digital Workspace” for Office 365 and SharePoint 2016. What distinguishes them is that they already use the SharePoint Framework and support “modern” SharePoint sites, so you can utilize your SharePoint Framework projects in their rich Intranet solutions.

RencoreLogoRencore provides powerful tools that should be in every SharePoint developer’s toolkit, including SPCAF, which checks code quality with over 1,000 rules, and SPTransformer, which analyzes customization across your entire SharePoint environment. Rencore is a key contributor to Office Developer PnP program.

Please check them all out, and see how they can help with your solutions!

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