Two Vantage Points

I just returned to Microsoft after a six-year adventure at a startup, BlueMetal. It was a great experience, but I was ready for a change, and I was fortunate to secure a great position as a Partner Technology Architect in Microsoft’s new One Commercial Partner (OCP) organization. I’m thrilled!

Now that I’m back, I’m able to blog on MSDN again! So which is it – MSDN, or my own blog at Decisions decisions!

For the time being, I’ve decided that “both” is a pretty good option; this will allow regular followers to keep going to the same place, while inviting MSDN readers to the party. So read either one; I plan to post the same content to both places.

Thanks, as always, for your interest and comments!

2 thoughts on “Two Vantage Points

    1. Thanks @Marc, I definitely won’t give it up! I find I get a lot more views on MSDN however; maybe an order of magnitude more. I’m not sure if people are searching on MSDN specifically, if they trust the information more because it’s a Microsoft blog site (probably unjustified in my case 🙂 ), or if they’re pulling articles out of the main MSDN feed. In any case, it made sense to me to do both.

      And thanks for asking; I’m enjoying my new gig! See you soon!

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